Official Manufacturer Rep Tags Available

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Official Manufacturer Rep Tags Available

Post by Chief Blur Buster » 05 Sep 2018, 16:20


If you are a representative of a retail industry manufacturer (keyboards, mouse, gaming monitors, etc)....

....Then after already registered, contact and I will give you a special manufacturer badge for your avatar -- so people know you're a rep! (For verification purposes, please directly email from your manufacturer address, example rather than

We give preference to gaming monitors, virtual reality, gaming industry accessories and eSports (Example: gaming mice, ultra-low-lag controller) that our audience is typically very interested in. You're welcome to answer questions and support users here, within a "no-spamming' guideline.

NOTE: Special Announcements (one per relevant new product or product line) is permitted in the "News" forum after special consultation with -- such as announcing a brand new ultra-low-lag product or a flagship gaming monitor, etc.

Thank you,
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