Can't get my XL2546 to be smooth

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Can't get my XL2546 to be smooth

Post by peak » 24 Apr 2022, 10:35

For the past few months I've gotten into competitive Apex Legends almost getting Master after a week of playing, but I always feel inconsistency when it comes to the smoothness of the game. I have an XL2546 with DyAc enabled and AMA set to Premium, I did mess around with Strobe Utility, but I don't like the idea of tweaking things in that way since I feel more comfortable knowing what it's actually doing.

I reformated my PC, I'm running relatively stock settings on my motherboard which is fitted with a Ryzen 5600x, 3600mhz 32gb cl18 ram and an RTX 3060. DOCP and Resizeable BAR is the only thing really enabled.

What I'm here to ask about is, how come everytime I factory reset my monitor the monitor seems to be smooth until restart, it goes back to feeling a little odd?

I religiously play competitive games, and I'm skilled at Apex Legends, but these days most games just don't feel like they allow me to play the way I want to play, in my case I feel like it's tunnel visioned.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Can't get my XL2546 to be smooth

Post by Illuxzaah » 18 Jun 2022, 03:04

Hey mate, interestingly and unfortunately this has happened to me too. Have you found a fix? I tried resetting with CRU but even that didn’t help. Sad nobody else commented on this would be great to see some inputs on this one.
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Re: Can't get my XL2546 to be smooth

Post by Shade7 » 19 Jun 2022, 14:20

Does a GPU driver reinstall/update give the same smoothness as factory resetting for you?

Curious- since I have noticed this kind of strange inconsistent behavior with high refresh rate monitors before.

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Re: Can't get my XL2546 to be smooth

Post by daviddave1 » 20 Jun 2022, 07:47

Is Apex in exclusive fullscreen ? So when u press the mute button on your keyboard u don't see the windows mute button layover pop up ingame? If u see the mute button follow ... LOBOTOMYtv

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