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XL2411 issues

Ask about motion blur reduction in gaming monitors. Includes ULMB (Ultra Low Motion Blur), NVIDIA LightBoost, ASUS ELMB, BenQ/Zowie DyAc, Turbo240, ToastyX Strobelight, etc.

XL2411 issues

Postby rareshelu » 02 Aug 2017, 11:02

I've just bought a new monitor, an XL2411 BenQ Zowie. I tried to calibrate with the best options i've found ( ... onitor_to/ ). But i cannot enter the service menu. I just cant do it. Tried everything, can't check my firmware because the motionblur utility is saying that i have a wrong firmware version. I'm a total noob regarding monitors, i dont know if 144hz are better than 120hz, what lightboost, i dont know anything at all, if any of you can help me with the god damn service menu and tell me if the link i've posted is good, i would highly appreciate it.

edit: found the firmware, its v006, question is, why i cant use the application?
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