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LightBoost for Samsung C27FG70FQI

Posted: 26 Aug 2017, 04:39
by vadmitleo
Please tell me how to enable the LightBoost for Samsung C27FG70FQI?

Re: LightBoost for Samsung C27FG70FQI

Posted: 26 Aug 2017, 16:06
by Chief Blur Buster

First, there are now multiple brand names of motion-blur-eliminating strobe backlight modes. Samsung's brand name for their equivalent of LightBoost is different.

Right now, there's multiple brand names, including:
  • LightBoost -- monitors with NVIDIA 3D Vision
  • Ultra Low Motion Blur (ULMB) -- monitors with NVIDIA GSYNC
  • Extreme Low Motion Blur (ELMB) -- brand name by ASUS
  • Dynamic Acceleration (DyAc) -- brand name by Zowie/BenQ
  • Samsung advanced motion blur reduction
  • LG MOTION240, Eizo TURBO240, etc.
LightBoost was the original "good" strobe backlight mode, but has now been superseded by superior modes in newer high-Hz gaming monitors.

Now, the good news:
Yes, your Samsung C27FG70 monitor has an equivalent of the LightBoost strobe-backlight technology, but is not called "LightBoost". The Samsung motion blur reduction technology is more generically named, but can easily be accessed via on-screen-menu display.

Instructions for most newer "Motion Blur Reduction" (MBR) monitors
1. First, temporarily turn off your VRR (FreeSync or GSYNC) and then select 120Hz.
2. Next, go to a motion test
3. While watching the motion test, go through your monitor's menu and turn ON "Blur Reduction" (or something similarly named).
4. Your LCD motion blur will disappear (CRT clarity motion). Your picture may be dimmer; that is normal for most strobe backlight modes. You may also get a slight amount of strobe crosstalk on some models (faint sharp double-image effect); this is normal due to LCD pixel response limitations. For most good implementations of MBR, the strobe crosstalk is faint enough to not be really noticeable in most normal gaming.

The Samsung C27FG70 monitor is a VA panel. VA panels are temperature sensitive. You will get better blur reduction if you warm up your monitor first, if you're in a very cold room

Re: LightBoost for Samsung C27FG70FQI

Posted: 13 Sep 2017, 05:14
by hammelgammler
I have a question regarding Samsungs Blur Reduction: How does it compare to the others in Input Lag? Samsung seems to implement a different design for their strobing. At least they have significantly less crosstalk then other 1440p 144Hz Blur Reduction monitors.

I was thinking to buy the new Samsung C27HG70 for it's 144Hz strobing as well as for VA. Currently I have the Acer XB271HU, and yes G-Sync is great for a lot of games, but I don't know. I think for PUBG it's better to not have Blur. In all games I play I lower the details to get over 144 fps and limit it to about 140, so the Blur Reduction experience shouldn't be that bad. Except my most played game PUBG, there it's about 80-144 (ingame fps limit), with maybe 130 avg.