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ASUS ROG PG258Q 240Hz vs Benq XL2540 180Hz scrobed

Ask about motion blur reduction in gaming monitors. Includes ULMB (Ultra Low Motion Blur), NVIDIA LightBoost, ASUS ELMB, BenQ/Zowie DyAc, Turbo240, ToastyX Strobelight, etc.

ASUS ROG PG258Q 240Hz vs Benq XL2540 180Hz scrobed

Postby grizmo2 » 15 Sep 2017, 06:56

hello, same as title, which one will be better for fps games? :) thanks for help
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Re: ASUS ROG PG258Q 240Hz vs Benq XL2540 180Hz scrobed

Postby hammelgammler » 15 Sep 2017, 07:30

I would like to know this one as well, especially in regards when only getting about 100-140 fps in a game.
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Re: ASUS ROG PG258Q 240Hz vs Benq XL2540 180Hz scrobed

Postby open » 15 Sep 2017, 10:03

If you are getting 100-140 fps then gsync or very high refresh rate is always nice to keep things looking smooth. 180hz may not be enough to keep everything jitter free if you cant produce consistent 180fps. From my experience even 240hz without gsync can look jittery in that range if the game has some of its own jitters (like heroes of the storm). As far as strobing goes its really something that you have to see to decide if you like it. CRT monitors are basicly what storbing monitors are trying to look like. They have no motion blur and each refresh is a pulse of light with some darkness in between. This can make your eyes and brain respond better to what they see.

Unfortunately its hard to say what you will like for sure without you sitting down and playing with each tech for a few days each. BUT, If you understand what they are doing and you decide which tech offers what you want the MOST then you will PROBABLY make the right choice without even seeing the monitor.

Both of these monitors are considered top tier for fps.

I personally dont think I would be able to do as well with strobing because I need the gsync and 240hz smoothness to aim. But that is because I use high sensitivity mouse settings. Most pro players use lower sensitivity and can aim more using muscle memory. Ive seen pro players aim better with their vg248qe at 144hz and no strobing than I usually do with my 240hz gsync screen wich can also do 144hz strobing. But by FAR this is the best monitor for me. My game has improved and my rank is up by about 700 points in overwatch.

So just think about it.

Strobbing give less motion blur and more clarity and crispness to each image. Strobing also will not be as bright and have a slight ammount of input lag associated with it. The input lag though is much less than the human reaction time though so if it helps you to react to have the crisp images then it is a gain.

240hz gsync will be smoother and have lower input lag and be brighter. Again the input lag itself will not be a huge difference here but it can add up with other changes in the whole setup. 240hz gsync will have more motion blur than strobbing and the images will appear less crisp. It should be said though that you are still getting a top tier gaming monitor and the motion blur will be less than many many other LCD gaming monitors.

So look at it this way you get to pick what is more important to you. Motion clairty or smoothness. And whatever you pick, you will still be better off than most other gaming monitors in the area that you didnt pick. So you dont sacrifice much getting one of these as an upgrade. Chose the features that you really want in your heart and you are very likely to be happy. If you are here you are probably very dedicated to fps games and one of these is a good investment.
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Re: ASUS ROG PG258Q 240Hz vs Benq XL2540 180Hz scrobed

Postby Chief Blur Buster » 15 Sep 2017, 16:50

Yep -- "right tool for the right job" especially if you are a gamer that has many different games that benefits differently.

For GSYNC, see G-SYNC101: Input Lag Tests of 240Hz
For ULMB/DyAc/etc, see HOWTO: Using ULMB Beautifully or Competitively

Other tips:

Low-lag VSYNC ON Tricks
Also, my new article HWOTO: Low-Lag VSYNC ON, originally for non-VRR displays -- also has added tips for using G-SYNC/FreeSync as a "low lag VSYNC ON" equivalent to improve fixed-framerate situations (e.g. emulators, console ports, fixed frame rate games, etc).

Ability to get perfect smoothness during strobing IS possible!
Also, if you're playing games (e.g. RTS, Starcraft II, fast-scroll platformers, etc) where refresh rate matters a little bit less, you can use a slightly lower refresh rate to get perfect stroberate = refreshrate = framerate lock for perfect smoothness combined by strobing. Lower Hz will be more laggy but you get simultaneous "perfect smoothness during strobing" that way, when you are playing certain games and software where lag is less important. 100Hz strobed has less motion blur than 240Hz non-strobed, and it's easy to run Starcraft II at 100fps@100Hz at maximum detail/AA with perfect smoothness on even a mid-range GPU. That said, the best strobing often are found in the highest-Hz monitors... So you can trade refresh rate, to get the double combo of "perfect smoothness + strobing", by lowering refresh rate to allow a game to run at full frame rate. This is explained in this post.

Remember when to use ULMB, and when not to use ULMB
And, often, ULMB benefits different things more than stationary-crosshairs aiming (which many eSports players do). While there are certain different things that ULMB massively benefits more. Reducing the "human lag" more than "strobe lag" for certain gaming tactics such as eye-tracking of fast-moving camoflaged objects. Which means ULMB helps certain games and gaming tactics far more than others. And some monitors have 3x brighter strobing than others, so if you use strobing, make sure you get a very bright strobed monitor to compensate for the brightness reduction of strobing such as ULMB or DyAc! Also explained in this post too.
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