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Re: [Blur Reduction sub-$200] Choosing between old monitors

PostPosted: 29 Nov 2018, 21:50
by Chief Blur Buster
Q83Ia7ta wrote:Acer GN246HL is so bad in terms of overdrive. It's just extreme at default and can't be disabled or changed.

Yes, that's indeed true.
Though going into LightBoost fixes it -- the overdrive problems disappear in LightBoost on GN246HL.

It's certainly not the ideal monitor for non-strobed operation, but it's hard to beat it price-wise if motion blur reduction is your numero uno priority under $200 -- depending on your priorities.

So Acer GN246HL needs to stay permanently in LightBoost if you hate overdrive artifacts. That said, if you're going to permanently do blur reduction anyway...

I'd certainly instead recommend XL2411P as the cheapest jack-of-all-trades high-Hz eSports-friendly monitor if you don't need VRR nor 240Hz. You gain PWM-free mode + strobed mode + 60Hz single strobe mode -- in a monitor low-lag enough that it's widely used by eSports players.