BenQ XL2411P Blur Reduction

Ask about motion blur reduction in gaming monitors. Includes ULMB (Ultra Low Motion Blur), NVIDIA LightBoost, ASUS ELMB, BenQ/Zowie DyAc, Turbo240, ToastyX Strobelight, etc.
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BenQ XL2411P Blur Reduction

Post by xrhy1 » 23 Feb 2019, 15:26

Hello guys.

I recently purchased the BenQ XL2411P and instantly wanted to test the Strobe Utility application to eliminate ghosting.
However, when I set up optimally as I read on some topics, the monitor is extremely dark.
Did I do something wrong in the process? Any tips?

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Re: BenQ XL2411P Blur Reduction

Post by Chief Blur Buster » 23 Feb 2019, 15:49

You have an unavoidable brightness tradeoff with motion clarity. You will just have to increase Persistence.

Have you tried using a Large Vertical Total yet? (Animation of benefit of Large Vertical Total on XL2411). If you have not, try VT1502, which gives you headroom to increase your Persistence (Strobe Duty) setting for a slightly brighter image.

If you need brighter motion blur reduction, you need to purchase a voltage-boosted motion blur reduction monitor such as a 240Hz GSYNC Monitor (144Hz ULMB) or the DyAc models (XL2536 or XL2546) which uses voltage-boosted motion blur reduction for brighter motion blur reduction.
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