ASUS XG248Q - Calibrating ELMB/stobe crosstalk

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ASUS XG248Q - Calibrating ELMB/stobe crosstalk

Post by L1on » 18 Mar 2019, 04:35

Hy so im kinda new here, i have read the posts on Blur Busters web site and on forums but i just don't know what to do (so many options), I play Rainbow six competitively and i found that i have problems tracikng when fireing. So when i saw the chance i passed on my 144hz AOC G2590PX and jumped the gun on Asus XG248Q.

Now my problem is that when i go to the fullscreen version for ufo testing (from zowie utility) i have mixed fellings on callibration.

-On one end if i enable ELMB the imadge is much clearer but ih has a trale and in game i have weird distortions. Top of doorframes lag
-On the other if i have ELMB OFF the trailing is gone but the UFOs are distorted.

My FPS is form 200-210.

I would love to resolve the ELMB trailing issue since it gives me better clarity but i don't know how.

Help, thanks!

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Re: ASUS XG248Q - Calibrating ELMB/stobe crosstalk

Post by Chief Blur Buster » 20 Mar 2019, 11:12

This is called "strobe crosstalk". See

I don't know if ELMB benefits from the Large Vertical Total trick (not all brands of strobe backlights do, but some of them really do), but it's worth a try.

Also, digital contrast ratio reduction (About 10%) can help reduce crosstalk -- make your blacks a bit brighter and whites a bit darker via Control Panel (e.g. NVIDIA Control Panel). Overdrive is crappy at the brightest/darkest colors, so avoiding the problematic colors can reduce the overdrive artifacts, creating far less crosstalk in exchange for tolerating a slightly less colorful picture.

Tricks to try reducing strobe crosstalk:
1. Try adjusting your overdrive settings during ELMB. (ASUS historically called it "Trace Free"). Might not be adjustable.
2. Lower your ELMB refresh rate. Crosstalk is lower at lower Hz due to pixel response limits.
3. Try testing a Large Vertical Total via Appendix A of
4. Reduce your dynamic range to around 90-95% original to brighten your blacks digitally and darken your whites digitally (this often requires using PC adjustments instead of monitor OSD adjustments). Sometimes the adjustment sliders act weirdly interacting (darkening whites also darkens blacks) so you need to fiddle sometimes. Use Lagom LCD Contrast to verify that you are successfully adjusting.

Some of these tricks are extremely difficult, or requires learning how to calibrate.
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