lightboost on asus vg248qe using displayport?

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lightboost on asus vg248qe using displayport?

Post by alexander1986 » 20 Apr 2019, 19:18

hello, I have been using strobelight to enable lightboost on my asus vg248qe since I got the monitor in 2012 or so, extremely good results and super satisfied over all these years, but now is time to upgrade my gfx card and the new one will not have DVI connector, only displayport,

until now I have been using dvi dual link on the monitor and gfx card, lightboost at 1080p/120 hz, and some games no lightboost 1080p/144 hz, works super good,

but my question is , is there any risk at all of lightboost not working good/correct with displayport connector? or it does not matter at all what connector is used as long as it supports 120hz/1080p resolution and enough pixelclock etc?

bonus question: if anyone has vg248qe and using displayport, are there any issues with black screen on boot/flickering/not being able to set 144hz refreshrate etc? or that only depends on bad displayport cables ?

according to vg248qe manual it supports up to 144hz 1080p on dvi and dp connector, but is old monitor from 2012 and is only dp 1.2 , so am still semi-worried before my purchase :D

Cheers and thanks for any help

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Re: lightboost on asus vg248qe using displayport?

Post by Patrick » 08 May 2019, 14:13

I had an issue with getting the monitor to detect the Displayport signal at first. Apparently it detects the first signal type that it is connected with and then stores it in memory, and sometimes gets "stuck." I had it plugged in with HDMI, and then it wouldn't work when I connected it with Displayport; black screen no signal. The solution was to unplug the monitor's power supply, wait a couple minutes, then plug it back in, which resets the monitor's memory or something.

I've since been using lightboost with Displayport with no issues except that a very faint horizontal line 1px thick appears in the upper 1/3rd of the screen, going across the entire screen, while strobing is activated. It isn't present with 144Hz or 120Hz without strobing. I have yet to determine if this a problem with the cable, the monitor, the graphics card, or the strobing software (ToastyX Strobelight).

Overall, I'm very pleased with the blur reduction from 120Hz+Lightboost @ 100%. Of course, the black level and resulting contrast ratio leave a lot to be desired, but I think the sacrifice is worth it. Since I'm mostly playing retro games in emulators, I can up the contrast even further via software and clip only the very brightest colors while having no lost detail in 99% of retro games.

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