XG27VQ ELMB Normal brightness

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XG27VQ ELMB Normal brightness

Post by xg27vqtrash » 20 Jun 2019, 08:21

Hello, since there is no topics about this trash at all i'm asking if there is possible to make XG27VQ brighter and work with strobing like it's on my XL2411. I really hate it and feel totally uncomfortable to use it without or with ELMB enabled. I guess im the one who bought trash like this according to "great amount of topics" again.

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Re: XG27VQ ELMB Normal brightness

Post by Chief Blur Buster » 20 Jun 2019, 10:38

ELMB is the strobing feature, but it is not adjustable like the one on XL2411. No adjustable pulse length or pulse phase feature.

Now, this monitor uses a VA panel.

On most VA panels regardless of brand, strobing the ghosty greys creates very crosstalky greys, so it's very hard to overcome.
(1) Pre-warmup VA as much as possible; ghosting in dark colors is much worse when the panel is cool/cold.
(2) Testing the lowest Hz you can stand (e.g. 100Hz) while using ELMB. This will reduce strobe crosstalk. But that can also further darken strobing, due to fewer flashes per second (if MPRT / strobe length stays unchanged)
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