RTS Scanline not locking FPS to refresh rate in some games?!

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Re: RTS Scanline not locking FPS to refresh rate in some gam

Post by Chief Blur Buster » 23 Jul 2019, 05:19

GFresha wrote:I unlocked Apex to 162 FPS lock and used gsync instead of 100 hz and 100 fps ULMB and man it was way too smooth. I feel like FPS games prob don't benefit from ULMB? Or my eyes too used to 165 hz i don't know... For example Fortnite ULMB is absolute beauty.
That's probably because you're not getting framerate=Hz in Apex.

GSYNC allows perfect smooth panning even with a slight framerate error. There's no concept of a "framedrop" in GSYNC. 59fps@60Hz. You get perfect seamless framerate changes 58fps->59fps->60fps->59fps->60fps->61fps ... with no stutters in between. It's always perfect framerate=Hz....just simply Hz is varying to match framerate. Instead of a big stutter (e.g. 16.7ms stutter), your stutter is now the frametime difference (e.g. 1/60sec vs 1/59sec -- those frametimes are than 0.2ms different). So replacing a big 16.7ms stutter (1/60sec wait to next refresh) with a 0.2ms stutter (invisible) -- that's how GSYNC/FreeSync looks so stutterless -- http://www.testufo.com/vrr for animation demo.

Now, that said, many people only stare at crosshairs during FPS.... stationary-eye-gaze doesn't benefit from ULMB. See HOWTO: Using ULMB Beautifully or Competitively. So some games really benefit, others don't, and some other games prevent you from benefitting because they stutter too much.

So optimization is often needed on a per-game basis to get perfect framerate=Hz. Getting perfect framerate=Hz is easy with GSYNC (Hz varies to match framerate). It's just very hard with fixed-Hz because it's not as forgiving (framerate must match a fixed Hz).
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