Native Blur Reduction on 75 Hz Monitor? (Acer VRB)

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Native Blur Reduction on 75 Hz Monitor? (Acer VRB)

Post by Plyra » 17 Aug 2019, 06:30

Hi, I was lookin' for some cheap and "better than 60 Hz" monitors then I found 2 Acer monitors which has Visual Boost Response and they're 75 Hz. Acer CB242Y and QG221Q. I found a semi-review for CB242Y but I couldn't find any review for QG221Q. ... backlight/

Generally we see blur reduction is special for +120 Hz panels. I know blur reduction even works on 60 Hz but these are still interesting because they've VA panel, FreeSync support (even if they don't work with blur reduction at the same time) and 75 Hz. Especially I'm interested about QG221Q because I can buy it in my region for cheap af. Blur reduction at lower Hz problems (double images or interpolation eg.) makes me confused. I'll use blur reduction at 75 Hz. Is it still worth to buy?

QG221G User Manual:
2019-08-17 13_59_11-User Manual_Acer_1.0_A_A_2.pdf - Brave.png
2019-08-17 13_59_11-User Manual_Acer_1.0_A_A_2.pdf - Brave.png (38.42 KiB) Viewed 492 times

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Re: Native Blur Reduction on 75 Hz Monitor? (Acer VRB)

Post by RealNC » 18 Aug 2019, 15:07

Double image is only something you get when your FPS doesn't match the refresh rate. For example playing a 60FPS game at 120Hz VRB results in the double image effect. If you play at 120FPS, there's no such problem. Same for 75Hz. If you play at 75FPS, there are no issues.
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