XL2420G-should i upgrade?and settings

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XL2420G-should i upgrade?and settings

Post by niros » 26 Oct 2019, 14:57

I have the benq XL2420G for few years
CPU-I74790K and GPU-980Ti,16GB RAM,SSD etc.

I'm playing Apex legends alot latley and i started to mess with the monitor settings to see if i can get better clarity ingame and such
i disabled GSYNC on the monitor and messed with some settings on standart
on NVC i changed DV To 90 and disabled GSYNC/VSYNC- using 144hz
i must say i feel much better ingame compared to gsync ON ! i aim better . i see better and such
so i wonder, can i tweak the monitor more to get better results?
if so, please share some settings and tweaks with me so i can test and enjoy the game more :)

also i wonder(as i have the monitor for maybe 4-5 years already)is it worth upgrading this monitor for a newer model?
i want my monitor to provide almost no input lag a good clarity for detecting enemies and decent colors to enjoy gaming and also basic desktop stuff

I'm new to this forum and all the monitor's community and willing to learn :)

those are my monitor settings
engine switch:classic
picture mode-standart
Low blue Light-0
Black Eq-disabled
Blue reduction-OFF
color temp-user-100,100,95
instand mode-ON

Thanks!! <3

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