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New MAG251RX

Posted: 18 Mar 2020, 02:22
by equaNJ
Hi everyone. I just got the new MAG251RX from Microcenter. I love the colors and the response feels quite snappy, but I am afraid this monitor may have some form of flicker or PWM even with "anti motion blur" turned off.

I posted a quick gif on reddit pertaining to identifying if this monitor is using PWM. I was under the impression that setting the monitor to max resolution should prevent PWM if it is present. However even at max brightness the issue persists.

Here's the reddit thread:

This is my first 240hz and first IPS panel. I only have ever used one monitor before this, a 10 year old, LG first gen 120hz (W2363D), and before that CRTs.

I haven't particularly noticed any flickering except perhaps once or twice play Hunt Showdown with adaptive sync on around 120-144 fps, but I am unsure if even that was the case. Been using the monitor for about 5 days and I do notice I get a lot of eye fatigue after my usual gaming session (though it has been a stressful week due to current events).

If you have any questions about the monitor let me know. Thank you!

Re: New MAG251RX

Posted: 18 Mar 2020, 17:04
by Dmoney405
Are you still trying to diagnose it? Your reddit post that you linked was deleted.

Re: New MAG251RX

Posted: 20 Mar 2020, 04:25
by equaNJ
Actually I think I figured it out. I believe it was some form of ghosting. I had not set the faster overdrive setting on the monitor while doing the blur trail ufotest at 240hz. Once I corrected the mistake and tried once again I noticed the issue I recorded of multiple lines appearing in the test far less if not at all. One thing that tipped me off on this solution ia that the monitor actually performs excellently on the faster setting when at 60hz too.

As for the flickering I noticed I was able to replicate it in Hunt Showdown. It was somrthing to do with the lighting effects in the game, not the monitor.

All in all I can say the monitor has been fantastic. My copy had little to no black light bleed and managable IPS glow at a lower than max brightness. I just upgraded from a 1060 3gb to a 5700 Red Devil flashed with a 5700 XT bios and have yet to try the motion blur reduction settings since, but it seemed to have promise at 144hz with the former graphics card.