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Differences between PG258Q and XG258Q's strobing?

Posted: 12 Jun 2020, 07:11
by Bazal68k
I recently switched from a 2013 NVIDIA GTX 760 build to a 2020 Radeon VII.

I got myself a PG258Q in advance and fell in love with the ULMB features, even more when I found that the 60Hz / 150Hz strobing hacks work brilliantly.

Sadly I didn't do my homework and I've lost ULMB when switching to an AMD card. So seeing that XG258Q is being marketed as the AMD version it sounds like a good candidate for a 2nd screen as it'll match the panels and give me motion blur solutions for both GPU types if I decide to go back to NVIDIA in the future.

I did get an XG270 to act as a 2nd screen based on the feedback but despite the advantages, PureXP just doesn't cut it for me. (Sorry Chief!)

Before starting the return can anyone confirm if Asus ELMB is just as good as ULMB? Did you get the 60Hz hack working?

Much appreciated and stay safe! 8-)

Re: Differences between PG258Q and XG258Q's strobing?

Posted: 23 Aug 2020, 05:03
by sSoulGlo
The XG258Q ELMB only works up to 120hz, not 240