Possible Bug? [Strobelight gets disabled]

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Possible Bug? [Strobelight gets disabled]

Post by TwistedEndz » 26 Dec 2013, 15:03

Im using a program called DisplayFusion pro ,Epic little tool for multi monitor, I use displayfusion's option called prevent window deactivation (keeps game windows focused) with quick key ALT+A, what this does is , when playing a game on the main monitor in full screen mode , this option releases the mouse pointer so you can move to the second monitor and do stuff like Typing this now in this forum wile my game is in full screen on my main monitor.. now the problem is as soon I click alt+a to activate this feature , it disables strobelight, strobelight remains disable until this feature is deactivated, any idea how we could fix this ?

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Re: Possible Bug?

Post by TwistedEndz » 26 Dec 2013, 17:48

I should mention that im a little worried about G-sync also , since g-sync will only work in full screen game , I really hate playing a game where im stuck in it and cant do anything else , and some games really doesn't like to minimize to desktop. so this nice tool was perfect to do what I wanted to do , play game in full screen with the choice of using second screen to do other stuff wile my game is in fullscreen..

how will it work with g-sync , no idea but I know it disables strobelight :idea:

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Re: Possible Bug? [Strobelight gets disabled]

Post by Chief Blur Buster » 27 Dec 2013, 12:48

Strobelight is a third party application that makes an unofficial strobing feature easy to enable (LightBoost, formerly only strobing for 3D glasses, being made available for 2D usage).

This is not a problem for official strobe backlights such as Eizo FG2421 Turbo240, BENQ XL2720Z Blur Reductuion, and the strobing modes included on GSYNC monitors, revealed by John Carmack.

From this perspective, it is a quirk caused by Strobelight and mode-switching, not a LightBoost bug. However, try re-running Strobelight-setup and installing only 120Hz strobed. You will no longer be able to turn off strobing easily (unless you re-run strobelight-setup.exe or if you unplug your monitor power for 5 seconds to disable LightBoost), but LightBoost will stay on persistently.
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