Nvidia Software Black Frame Insertion

Ask about motion blur reduction in gaming monitors. Includes ULMB (Ultra Low Motion Blur), NVIDIA LightBoost, ASUS ELMB, BenQ/Zowie DyAc, Turbo240, ToastyX Strobelight, etc.
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Nvidia Software Black Frame Insertion

Post by Jason38 » 01 Jul 2020, 23:37

https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/fo ... mentPage=2

So I found this thread I think it's just a request to Nvidia not entirely sure. Does anyone know if they're adding BFI as a software option in the near future?? I'm really interested in It because I use the BFI in Retroarch all the time and think it's the greatest think ever. I think for me personally it would have me playing PC games even more if I could flip this software option on.

The game Sonic Mania comes to mind as it's on sale right now on Steam. Problem is the game is locked to 60FPS so motion blur will be high that's why I figure I'll just buy the console version and play it on my Plasma to get the better motion. Software BFI would be a super cool feature for some of these PC games.

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Re: Nvidia Software Black Frame Insertion

Post by AddictFPS » 11 Jul 2020, 06:28

I opened the request 4 moths ago, but sadly Nvidia not listen clients. I can accept that Nvidia decides not implement it, even that they not say the reason. But, not even respond ? When there are more people supporting the request, including BlurBusters Chief ! Dissapointing... Image

You can try ReShade BFI:

https://reshade.me/forum/shader-suggest ... via-shader

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