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€400 max monitor with variable Hz motion blur reduction tech

Posted: 03 Sep 2020, 18:52
by SMGJohn
Hello, I own a Samsung CFG73 QLED monitor, I love the colours on it but the motion resolution is pretty bad, I always been extremely sensitive to motion resolution getting to a point of becoming sick physically if the motion res is bad enough.

CRT's are so expensive today and 32 inch 1080p Plasmas do not exist, I was wondering what would make for a good monitor with as good motion blur reduction technology as possible under the 400 euro bill, the X270 is great I hear but it commands a severe premium in my country of 660 euros.

I am looking for a monitor that can reduce motion blur at a wide variety of refresh rates and fps, because some games no matter how big of a GPU you got never seem to maintain a fps over 100 constantly which is a problem for me.

I heard the BenQ ZOWIE XL2411P recommended, but I am not sure if it the strobe changes according to the fps displayed.
If there is such a thing as FreeSync being tied to the strobing.
All I want is something as close to a CRT as possible that can display wide variety of various fps content with proper reduction in blur, I am not very sensitive to flicker I own a Pana Plasma and still have an old CRT monitor while I can notice the CRT flicker it does not bother me after a while.

Sorry if I am asking a question that may have already been answered on this forum before.
There just almost no information out there regarding how well the motion reduction is on the individual monitors and there so many different ones, I just really miss the CRT days except the bulky designs.

Re: €400 max monitor with variable Hz motion blur reduction tech

Posted: 04 Sep 2020, 14:50
by deama
I had a similiar issue, even with my 120hz TN panel I got some motion sickness after playing CSGO for a few minutes because I generally like to do 180 degree spins to check my surroundings. After a monitor that had strobing at 120hz it was much better and playing shooters now was more enjoyable, whereas before I had to be a bit more conservative of camera movements.

For motion it's best to get a monitor with gsync and some sort of strobe technology, the gsync will sync up to the fps, so if you can't reach 120fps but 90fps is fine for you, then it'll help with that, whereas the strobe will straight up make the motion much better.
However this is fairly expensive I would imagine, so I think you're best bet is to cut out the gsync component as those usually cost more, and you can somewhat compensate by using RTSS' scanlinesync.
What's the resolution you're looking for? 1080p? Size in inches?

I wouldn't recommend you get 60hz with strobing, you said you're fine with flicker, I myself grew up with CRTs and at the time I didn't mind them, but recently trying 60hz with strobing was not nice, I couldn't really handle the flicker, so I'd say got with 120hz, and if you're having trouble with maintaining games at 120fps, you can always cap it to 60; you'll still get the benefit of strobing even at [email protected], but you'll have to deal with the double image effect, I personally don't mind it and it's much easier to get used to then the flicker was.

Another alternative is to actually buy a decent/regular 240hz monitor and try out a software strobing solution. There's a program someone developed here in blurbusters (I got it saved on my HDD) that basically cuts your Hz in half by replacing them with black frames, essentially giving you strobing. However this is obviously worse than having it done proper, but is an option if you can find a decent 240hz TN panel for cheap but can't find a 120hz with strobing for cheap enough.

Re: €400 max monitor with variable Hz motion blur reduction tech

Posted: 04 Sep 2020, 16:17
by SMGJohn
My Samsung has motion reduction technology but its really bad LOL compared to what I have seen what older BenQ monitors can do its almost like Samsung threw it in there as an after thought.

Games that are well optimised I can basically just lock to 120fps no problem, I have an overclocked Vega 64, but if I play emulators and such there is a problem of frame rate having to be either 30 or 60 duo to the nature of how consoles used to work.

1080p is fine for me and any screen size is fine as long as its bigger than 21 inches, the main problem is the really high prices of monitors in my country, all the best ones that I have seen people recommend on blurbusters costs well over 600 Euros, its waaay too much for me to justify on a monitor that wont even deliver a CRT experience just an emulated one with conditions.

Gsync is kind of ruled out because I cannot use it with my GPU anyway.