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1440P 144hz ULMB monitor

Posted: 13 Sep 2020, 17:08
by kvnlau7
Hi everyone, Kevin here long time lurker.
i've been going through the forums looking for 1440P ULMB monitor reviews.
And all i have found thusfar were people complaining about Asus poor ULMB implementation.

I was wondering if there's a monitor members here would outright recommend that had 1440P 120-144hz ULMB?

Could someone share their experience with ULMB as well? i know its not as effective in every game. but i've been playing COD warzone a lot. unlike a lot of cartoon style rendering ( fortnite,valorant,overwatch) its much harder to track enemy's so you'll be doing a lot more scanning than focusing on crosshair. From what i've read ULMB benefits from those type of games the most?

with the 3080 release i was planning on getting a ULMB montor on 1440P hoping 1440p 144hz would be easier to sustain on AAA titles. but we'll know 14th ( 16th nvidia pushed back the NDA embargo date.)