How does backlight strobing work?

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How does backlight strobing work?

Post by Discorz » 28 Sep 2020, 03:54

Just a quick question. How does backlight strobing work?
I made this picture so I don't have to explain much what I mean.
Is black frame shown every other frame or is it a new one in between? A or B?
How Backlight Strobing Works.png
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Re: How does backlight strobing work?

Post by RealNC » 28 Sep 2020, 08:10

It's B. So at 240Hz strobing, you still get 240FPS, not 120FPS. In other words, the backlight is toggled 480 times per second (switched off 240 times and switched on 240 times.) This produces much more crosstalk of course, but in return the effective framerate is not halved.
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