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zowie xl2546 (motion blur, overdrive)

Posted: 24 Dec 2020, 06:20
by zuazo17
good morning, I'm new in this forum, a few weeks ago i bought a zowie xl2546 monitor, and when playing in shooting games I can notice overdrive or motion blur present, when I make a 180 degree turn it is noticeable and causes dizziness when it is very often, I mention this problem because I have seen other players more advanced in level of game use this monitor and I do not see that they present that problem that I present, when I watch your broadcasts live and in the games that I play exactly or have that problem, The current game I am playing is Apex Legends, I am playing it at 190fps as recommended by the most advanced players at a professional level, I have also tried it at 240fps and the motion blur is still present.

my current graphics card is an rtx 3070, the 240 fps are very well enjoyed but the motion blur is not very attractive to spend hours playing, I currently have the monitor activated at 240hz, the zowie monitor is configured 1- Dyac: Premium 2- AMA: Premium and in image mode I have it in player 1, I mention this in case some advanced user in monitors has it as a reference to be able to give me any advice.

-As I mentioned earlier with 240hz I am satisfied, it is enjoyed very well, THE PROBLEM IS ONLY WITH THE MOTION BLUR (OVERDRIVE)
I mention this problem because I have seen other professional players using this monitor and they do not have that problem that I mention in their videos or in their live broadcasts.
-I have seen that others solve it by entering the factory menu and changing some parameters, is that true? If necessary I will try just help me with the instructions

-Please if someone can help me with that problem or reduce motion blur I will be very grateful.

Re: zowie xl2546 (motion blur, overdrive)

Posted: 25 Dec 2020, 13:40
by axaro1
Absolutely don't use Dyac with a 190fps cap, you should use Dyac only if you can reach 240fps at all time, using Dyac+ with a 190fps ends up causing double images as expected from strobing with fps<strobe rate, this is most likely the reason why you see motion blur.

Re: zowie xl2546 (motion blur, overdrive)

Posted: 26 Dec 2020, 19:50
by zuazo17
- @axaro1 Thank you very much your help is appreciated, I put it to the test and if I could reduce the motion blur effect, your help is appreciated brother.

- If someone who has experience in decreasing or some configuration of the motion defs focus of the momonitor that I mention please I will be grateful to help me, Thanks, I'll be waiting to learn more