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360fps 240hz ULMB vs G-sync and low latency mode? I need help....

Posted: 12 Apr 2021, 02:07
by Sumac86
Heres my problem. I have a pretty fast computer so I can get close to 360 fps most of the time and above 240 99% of the time. I just tried G-sync with low latency mode on my alienware aw2518hf 240hz monitor and it actually feels better than ULMB and fixed refresh, low latency on either of them. My question is if I'm using ultra low motion blur on a 240hz monitor and my FPS stays well above 240, will the refresh rate of my monitor still drop to like 140 causing incresed input delay? If my frame rate stays above 240 most of the time, which mode will provide the least input delay? G-sync/ULMB/Fixed and then low latency or not? I was under the impression you only wanted it if your resources were near 90% and mine stay below 70% most of the time with temps under control. This is in Fortnite.


AMD 3800x (8core with SMT disabled so a true 8 core cpu)

2x8gb 3800mhz cl 14

alienware aw2518hf 240hz


Asus x570 tuf plus wifi

nvme 1 tb