Gsync with elmb sync

Talk about NVIDIA G-SYNC, a variable refresh rate (VRR) technology. G-SYNC eliminates stutters, tearing, and reduces input lag. List of G-SYNC Monitors.
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Gsync with elmb sync

Post by holiday » 19 Nov 2022, 05:08

Hello guys,

firstly thanks to all who explain this stuff and help us out!

I did a quick research on this but iam still confused.

At the moment i use this setup for all my games:

G-sync + V-sync + NULL ON + Fps Cap 2-3 under Refresh Rate. Like here recommended.

If i activate elmb sync now do i leave this settings alone or do i need to change something?

Or is elmb unnecessary for this anyway?

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Re: Gsync with elmb sync

Post by joseph_from_pilsen » 23 Nov 2022, 13:19

just try and see, ELMB has nothing to do with these settings, it reduces stroboscopic ghosting. It turns all pixelss off for a while every 1/refresh rate interval. It causes no ghosting but for a price of washed out colors and worse brightness and also it causes very slight input lag as the picture is 1-2ms delayed until the pixel lightning is turned back on.

In short:

no ELMB: permanent lightning, but the previous frame is ghosting into next frame.
ELMB: every 1/f interval the monitor turns black and back on, no previous frame remains as the monitor is fully blacked out after every frame. Because its a half of frame black and only a half of frame lightning it looks like being much darker and washed out.

Me personally preferring ELMB on but its not ideal. Ideal solution for preventing ghosting will come with 1000Hz displays and 1000fps capable PCs (maybe in 5-8 years).

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