G-sync brightness flickering

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G-sync brightness flickering

Post by Nik90 » 15 Sep 2023, 06:45

Hello guys,

I have a LG gsm5bb4 Monitor and I am experiencing a problem with brightness flickering when I have G-sync enabled.

I have read this guide and tried several settings to no avail though.

https://www.displayninja.com/what-is-fr ... ics%20card.

There are two main reasons you get brightness flickering: LFC and frequent FPS fluctuation.

I tried to limit the frame rate fluctuations as much as possible.

The oxymoron of the case, however, is that the flickering does not appear directly when the first frame drop appears, but after some time of gameplay and possibly, without being very sure, when a large enough drop appears and lasts for a little longer than the occasionally drops between menu changes.

Is the LFC somehow activated or deactivated then? Is there a way to check or disable it?

In more detail for this particular case, I have 60-90fps frame rate zone, 100hz monitor setting and g-sync on. When for some reason these brightness flickers decide to start appearing, either due to some longer drop duration or I don't know why, then I start to notice brightness flickers with fast movement of the mouse and cameras in-game even in places where the frame rate seems to be stable at 90fps (based on msi afterburner).

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