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G-Sync's 1ms Polling Rate: My Findings & Questions

Talk about NVIDIA G-SYNC, a variable refresh rate (VRR) technology. G-SYNC eliminates stutters, tearing, and reduces input lag. List of G-SYNC Monitors.

Re: G-Sync's 1ms Polling Rate: My Findings & Questions

Postby Chief Blur Buster » 19 Jun 2017, 01:01

To illustrate how much high-speed-camera input-lag testing Jorim's done on an Acer XB252Q 240Hz moniter in the last 2 months in preparation for a Blur Busters article:

"All told, 508 videos weighing in at 17.5GB, with an aggregated (albeit slow-motion) 45 hour and 40 minute runtime, were recorded across 2 games and 6 refresh rates, containing a total of 42 scenarios, 508 runs, and 5080 individual samples. My original Excel spreadsheet is available to inspect and/or download from the embed below:"

That's a LOT.

Something like 48 input-lag graphs.

Many merged into a slideshow (60Hz, 100Hz, 120Hz, 144Hz, 180Hz, 240Hz).

With an average of 10 input-lag bars per graph.

In each bar of each graph, is 40 input-lag samples from 4 runs per scenario.


That's a lot of video analysis work.

Thank you, for your good work Jorim!

The article goes live tomorrow -- GSYNC101 Part 3 -- "G-SYNC 101: Input Latency & Optimal Settings".
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