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asus pg348q g-sync issues

PostPosted: 31 Dec 2016, 05:59
by syxxt9
So I bought the asus pg348q a couple weeks ago and so far love it for the most part. I have an MSI gtx1080 hooked up to it via displayport. I've noticed on forums some people have had issues with g-sync not working in windowed mode on some games, but they say full screen mode works fine. However my problem seems to be the opposite - I run Overwatch, TF2, fallout4, etc... in windowed mode (or borderless on overwatch) and g-sync is working perfectly I see no screen tearing and it looks beautiful. But when I goto full screen mode I definitely am seeing screen tearing and it doesnt seem to be working even though it is enabled. I have g-sync enabled in both full screen and windowed mode in the control panel, and the red light on the bottom corner of the monitor is on indicating g-sync is enabled in both modes, I even turned on the notification that says g-sync on on the screen while gaming, and everything seems to be right. I haven't had much luck finding any info on my dilemma, as I said only the opposite where people have trouble with windowed mode. Any help/info would be appreciated - thank you!

Re: asus pg348q g-sync issues

PostPosted: 31 Dec 2016, 06:31
by lexlazootin
Are you capping your framerate?

Your framerate needs to be capped below your maximum refresh for G-Sync to work. Setting V-Sync on will 'fix' all tearing because anything higher then your max refresh will be V-Synced and anything lower will be G-Sync.

Also make sure your games are actually running at 144hz and not 60 or something.

Re: asus pg348q g-sync issues

PostPosted: 31 Dec 2016, 13:05
by jorimt

Read my below post in its entirety, then report back here with further troubleshooting, if needed:

Re: asus pg348q g-sync issues

PostPosted: 31 Dec 2016, 13:46
by syxxt9
Thanks all. I had thought gsync would automatically cap the FPS to the refresh of the monitor. It seems to do that when running games in borderless windowed mode, just not in full screen... but maybe something else with the desktop is doing that.

Anyhow yes enabling vsync either via in-game, or through nvidia control panel, make the full screen look much smoother and eliminates the tearing.

So if my refresh is 100 hz, I set vsync to 'on' in the nvidia control panel, and cap my refresh to 98... I shouldn't be experiencing additional input lag and still get to enjoy the visual benfits of no tearing?

Re: asus pg348q g-sync issues

PostPosted: 31 Dec 2016, 14:17
by jorimt
Glad you got it figured out.

And yes, in windowed or borderless windowed mode, the DWM (Desktop Window Manager) forces v-sync. I think the only way you can fully disable it in that scenario is to force it off in the Nvidia control panel or in-game, though it may vary by game.

As stated in my linked post, optimal G-Sync settings are G-Sync + V-Sync on (Nvidia control panel preferred, though in-game is usually fine too) + 100 Hz: 98 fps limit (in-game or RTSS). That goes for both borderless windowed and exclusive fullscreen mode. Aforementioned settings will keep you in the tear & lag free G-Sync range 100% of the time.

I'd also recommend exclusive fullscreen over borderless windowed when possible, as it allows the best performance in the majority of instances.

Re: asus pg348q g-sync issues

PostPosted: 31 Dec 2016, 14:26
by syxxt9
awesome, thank you!