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monitor setting

Posted: 06 Oct 2018, 05:19
by Kaggewas
Hello, I only play shooters, what settings would you recommend for me to have a minimum input delay?

I have 2 options, this is:
G-sync ON + v-sync OFF or g-sync OFF + v-sync OFF

please give advice

Re: monitor setting

Posted: 06 Oct 2018, 10:27
by RealNC
The absolute lowest input lag is always: G-Sync OFF, vsync OFF, uncapped frame rate unless the game becomes GPU-limited when uncapped, in which case an FPS cap will decrease input lag.

However, if your FPS is not super high and is always near or below your monitor's refresh rate, then g-sync plus an FPS cap to 3FPS below refresh rate will help with smoothness and motion stability at no additional lag. Vsync on/off doesn't matter in that case. I set it to ON just to protect against some random tearing that can occur, but that doesn't actually add any input lag.

Have you read our very thorough input lag tests yet? They're here:

It's 14 pages, but worth going over if you're interested in tweaking your system for low input lag on g-sync monitors.