Frametime spikes in Fortnite...

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Re: Frametime spikes in Fortnite...

Post by GFresha » 03 Mar 2019, 23:58

theangryregulator wrote:
GFresha wrote:Yes RTSS. But I found out now that after overclocking my monitor to 165 hz and changing my resolution to its native res (since fortnite pro players usually use 4:3 res that's not their 16:9 native) and now my spikes are very similar to your. 25 MS being the max and I did not even notice any of them, no jinxing but I think I'm good now! I don't know if it was the 165 hz or changing my res to its native that lowered the spikes but I don't want test further since this is perfect now. I wonder if 240 hz is even better, hmmmmmmmmmmm
By increasing the resolution and framecap it sounds like you're increasing the gpu usage more than anything. My gpu sits at low clocks on all low settings (apart from view distance on epic) on fortnite with a cap of 138.
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