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Problem with brand new setup

Talk about NVIDIA G-SYNC, a variable refresh rate (VRR) technology. G-SYNC eliminates stutters, tearing, and reduces input lag. List of G-SYNC Monitors.

Problem with brand new setup

Postby ajaaa » 26 Jul 2019, 07:15

Hello guys,

first i wanna tell you guys english aint my foreign language, so please excuse any grammar nonsense or whatsoever.

I have a problem since i bought my brand new setup which consists of the following:

i7 9700k
GeForce 2070Super
16 GB Ram
Acer Predator 24" 144hz gsync
All drivers up-to date

I cant get gsync/vsync work right regardless which configuration i choose.

I followed the blur busters 101 guide for optimal Gsync settings:

Vsyn turned on in Nvidia control panel
Gsync turned on
Vsync turned off ingame
if no fps limiter to put the fps @ 141 fps could be found, i used rivatuner.

regardles of which game i play, i get horrible microstutters / fps drops from like 141 to 120 which i feel
and also get a very "unclean" / "unsmooth" feel.

The best result i got is turning vsync off everywhere, playing uncapped with 200+ fps
the picutre just isnt smooth at all - but it seems the stutters/spikes are gone

I cant get cs:go to work at all.. apex legends is a pain also..
overwatch and lol can only be played uncapped as i mentioned, and even then its not smooth at all...

Can u guys please help :(
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Re: Problem with brand new setup

Postby Chief Blur Buster » 26 Jul 2019, 14:37

Are you using multimonitor?

If so, try using GSYNC monitor in single-monitor mode.
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Re: Problem with brand new setup

Postby ajaaa » 26 Jul 2019, 16:05

No i use one monitor only
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