HELP WITH 144HZ VS 240HZ which to pick

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HELP WITH 144HZ VS 240HZ which to pick

Post by mitch.99 » 02 Nov 2019, 05:18

SORRY I KNOW THIS IS LONG. COULD REALLY USE THE HELP. Im looking at monitors for my build im going to be making
Now im a super competitive person in games. (Not a pro, just competitive by nature.)

now with a build like mine i should be getting solid fps in competitive games. Im not all to sure about pubg however.. i think just 200-240 But getting like 300 fps in some of these esport titles seems like a waste to get a 144hz monitor. Id be looking at 24” 1080p tn monitors.

But i play everything mmos like eso, wow, story games like tomb raider etc, racing (forza horizon mainly) i mean i play everything. So I thought ill get a 240hz monitor and just use like g sync in those non comp games. Ill run low settings in the comp games to achieve high fps.

Im starting to read though about bad overdrive and input delay though on lower hz or what not. Idk im new to this and struggling to figure it out..

whats it like playing 100fps on a 240hz monitor for those other games (Like
story stuff)/in general ..? Any issues? Like ghosting/overdrive, stuttering,
tearing, input lag? Any other issues I didn’t list?

Whats the difference of a 240hz monitor set at 144hz vs a native 144hz
monitor? Whats the difference playing at 100fps on 144hz native vs 144hz set
on 240hz monitor? Any difference in color on the 240hz panel vs 144hz tn or
is it just down to manufacture tuning?

What are some options? Does it make sense to go 240hz in my situation? There
will be alot of times im playing competitive games and story. I had the
xg258q, aw2518hf, however its not official g sync compatible:( hows the input delay on alienware? and maaybe the xg248q but i heard theres clouding issues
and other issues plus innolux meh idk. thats for 240hz or for 144hz the
only one i can think of right now is the viewsonic xg240R again not officially g sync compatible :( but this seems like the best 144hz option.. bigger bro of the xg2402.
Any other options for both 240hz and 144hz

Feel free to link anything to help. Mention anyone who could help. Whatever
that i can do to better understand everything. Thank you.

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Re: HELP WITH 144HZ VS 240HZ which to pick

Post by RealNC » 07 Nov 2019, 08:32

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