AOC 24G2 + GTX 1080ti + G-Sync = Black screens and incompatibility?

Talk about NVIDIA G-SYNC, a variable refresh rate (VRR) technology. G-SYNC eliminates stutters, tearing, and reduces input lag. List of G-SYNC Monitors.
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AOC 24G2 + GTX 1080ti + G-Sync = Black screens and incompatibility?

Post by DaveKap » 20 Nov 2020, 22:38

Can anyone with an AOC 24G2 help me out here? I just got mine after reading positive reviews and a decent price on Amazon. It's supposed to be compatible with G-Sync despite being a Freesync monitor. I've set everything up so that G-Sync is definitely enabled, the indicator says so when I'm in a game.

However, in the "set up g-sync" settings, despite being able to enable the setting for the monitor, I see this:

So question 1 is... is this monitor compatible or not?!

Question 2 is how do I fix the black screen flickering while playing games? When G-Sync is shown to be on, as in the above screenshot, everything will be fine for like 10 seconds, then the display goes black for 1 or 2 seconds, then I'm fine for another 20 seconds, then black screen again, over and over without stopping this happens. Sometimes it takes a few minutes before it happens, it seems to depend on the game, but it always happens.

So far I have swapped DP cables, swapped DP ports in the GPU (OEM GTX 1080ti,) cleaned and re-installed the NVidia drivers, and have tried various different panel settings such as Overdrive. It keeps happening. Is the panel DOA or is there something I'm missing?

Question 3: So far my tests indicate that some games need to be in exclusive fullscreen in order for G-Sync to turn on but from what I've seen elsewhere, this shouldn't be a requirement. Any idea what's up with this?

It's probably also worth mentioning I have a second display, an older Dell monitor, plugged into the second DP port. Unplugging that doesn't fix anything.

Thanks for the help!

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Re: AOC 24G2 + GTX 1080ti + G-Sync = Black screens and incompatibility?

Post by Sparkchomp » Yesterday, 16:46

Hi, I have the same monitor with a 3070. The monitor is not certified by Nvidia as G-Sync compatable. I am also having issues with G-Sync. Nvidia at CES 2019 tested 400 monitors and only 12 were able to pass the G-Sync compatable certification. It is unknown if AOC 24G2 was tested but as of now its not certified.

It may work but it may have issues. Jensen here discusses the issues some freesync monitors may have.

But yes you are right it does have a lot of good reviews. Now when I tried it, It worked on a lot of benchmarks but in game I noticed a lot of microstutters in different games. Some games ran fine while others didn't.

I have read that it is also important to have a VESA certified cable so I am going to try testing it with a better cable and see the results. Hopefully its just a cable issue. But I think it may be the monitor.

Maybe if we talk to Nvidia support about our issues they maybe able to fix it with a driver update.

Can you tell me what games you noticed black screens in, If I have it I'll try to see if I have the same issues.

I have issues in Arkham Knight and Black Ops Cold War.

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