Why Image Retention / Burn-In Sometimes Occur On LCDs

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Re: Why Image Retention / Burn-In Sometimes Occur On LCDs

Post by Skyy » 12 May 2024, 06:40

Chief Blur Buster wrote:
11 May 2024, 12:20
Skyy wrote:
05 May 2024, 11:49
JabooMooseKeys wrote:
14 Apr 2024, 22:39
Did you end up figuring out or has there been an update to how Retroarch does BFI to either drop a frame or there's a proper shader to apply now that achieves the effect we want? Otherwise I'll do the tv static workaround mentioned in the article.
I sadly didn't, it seems that not many people are really interested in solving this issue.
They are!!!

The problem is few people know A+B+C concurrently.
(A) The person is interested in issue
(B) The person is ALSO a software developer
(C) The person knows how to make a RetroArch github pull request

The chicken-and-egg is a software developer working on RetroArch is usually not a 240Hz+ user.

Gigantic chicken-and-egg problem if they can't test their own complex source code change that never benefits themselves.

Paid open-source bounties are available by Blur Busters for certain related RetroArch changes. Do you know A+B+C concurrently? Please feel free to help -- Blur Busters is willing to consider paid bounties on certain things such as solving RetroArch #6984, #10754, #10758, or other certain Retroarch github issue request opened by @mdrejhon or @blurbusters. Contact squad [at] blurbusters [dot] com with your github CV/resume and I'll promise/commit a negotiable bounty for certain working pull requests. Certain items will be three-figure payments, and other items will be four-figure payments available [valid thru end of 2024]. This is real money for rare open source developers with enough knowledge to match (A)+(B)+(C) above; and I even lost more than $500 of funds (held at BountySource) during the last BountySource' bankruptcy, so I'm only holding the bounties locally (at Blur Busters).
First of all sorry for your loss in money, this is truly bad. And sorry in general, I might have misjudged the complexity here. I can certainly do A and C but not B. Did you post this also on the Retroarch Subreddit and their forums? I know it probably won't help much but I would be happy to be a tester at the very least for anyone interested and with coding experience who doesn't have a viable monitor so long mine doesn't get permanently damaged.

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