New term: "Frame Rate Amplification" (1000fps in cheap GPUs)

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Re: New term: "Frame Rate Amplification" (1000fps in cheap GPUs)

Post by Chief Blur Buster » 28 Jun 2020, 21:20

thatoneguy wrote:
21 Jun 2020, 04:39
Chief Blur Buster wrote:
15 Jun 2020, 21:40

For 1080p video (on 1080p LCD) versus 1080p video (stretched to fill 8K LCD), no, the motionblur looks the same.
This doesn't make sense to me from a physical perspective. Isn't upscaled 8K(from 1080p) still technically 8K(even if not native)?
I mean you still have 16 times the pixels.
Scaling difference asides, it's the same original pixelwidths, so the blur difference is the same.

It's the same reason why when you use and use Chrome to browser zoom 200% or 50%, the motion blur remains the same amount relative to its own original objects sizes (on a relative blur size basis -- relative to image size). Because it's relative to the original pixel sizes. Same concept.

Now, if -- instead of simple scaling -- if you had a sharpness-enhancing scaler / video processor (upconverting 1080p or 4K to look close to 8K), then it'd look different; bigger delta between motion image and stationary image.
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