Are most frame cap settings outdated?

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Are most frame cap settings outdated?

Post by Tiberiusmoon » 15 Mar 2023, 14:46

Not sure if this is the right place to post but ill start here.

I have found that frame caps become more erratic the higher the FPS target. (Overwatch and Nvidia)
Using RTSS with a FPS graph, per frame update, 0 FPS average and a 60fps range above and below target I have a few examples.

This is a 60FPS cap using Nvidia frame cap:


350FPS with a 70FPS range:

and this is a 350FPS cap with RTSS:

Now the issues with this are straight forward: inconsistent input latency and added latency to low latency V-sync.
Because the FPS cap seems to be more erratic the higher the target, I feel like this is something that should be addressed before it becomes unuseable.

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Re: Are most frame cap settings outdated?

Post by Chief Blur Buster » 17 Mar 2023, 03:55

Area 51 is for display engineering -- I've moved this to Input Lag forum.
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