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Eyetracking while playing Overwatch

Posted: 21 Apr 2017, 13:47
by Haste
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Hello! So, I played a bit of Overwatch while wearing a [Pupil Labs]( binocular mobile eye tracker!

Humans are very visual animals, but we only really get high quality visual information from a fairly small area of our retina (called the "[fovea](, roughly the width of your thumb at arm's length). This area takes up roughly 1% of your visual field, but roughly 50% of your visual cortex is devoted to processing information from this area. That means that a huge part of the human strategy for surviving in the world revolves around our ability to quickly and accurately directing our fovea to the parts of the world that contain the information that we need to complete a given task.

Because eye movements are so central to our neural strategy, eye trackers are a very powerful tool for the study of human sensorimotor control - Basically, eye movements are a physical measurement that provides direct insight into your cognitive processes!
- /u/sandusky_hohoho

Re: Eyetracking while playing Overwatch

Posted: 21 Apr 2017, 14:51
by spacediver
very cool!! Would be cool to overlay this information with an actual demo of the gameplay.

Also would be interesting to watch certain parts in slow motion.

Re: Eyetracking while playing Overwatch

Posted: 26 Apr 2017, 11:40
by Chief Blur Buster
Fascinating! Analyzing eye tracking data would be a great way to determine which games would benefit more by strobe backlights, and which ones do not. (Demonstration of eye tracking based motion blur)

Blur Reduction technologies are useless for stationary gaze situations (e.g. always staring at crosshairs), but very important when specific games & specific gameplay tactics forces smooth eye-tracking of on-screen moving objects.

Many games have very different eye-tracking dynamics.

Having these kinds of tools to analyze eye tracking could help answer which games are more eye-tracking-dependant (game factor) and which people more frequently use eye-tracking (gaming technique factor).