The Making Of: How Zis Beat Manufacturers To 4K120 and 480Hz

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The Making Of: How Zis Beat Manufacturers To 4K120 and 480Hz

Post by Chief Blur Buster » 07 Sep 2017, 15:03


Forum member cirthix (Zis) has posted the backstory of our recently-tested 4K120 display with bonus 240Hz and 480Hz modes.

This is a single individual (armed with LCD TCON and FPGA knowledge), working with a barebones 4K panel that first became available 4 years ago, to successfully upgrade it to 120Hz capability (at 4K) with 1080p240Hz and 540p480Hz capability -- ahead of mainstream monitor manufacturers!

The Making Of 4K120 by a Single Human:
cirthix wrote: 4k 120Hz, 1080p240Hz, 720p 300Hz, 540p 480Hz PWM-free + scanning backlight

OK, I should have your attention now. This is a story of how such a monitor came to be.

Four years ago, the first 4k displays had just started to become available. Often hobbled by the slow inputs of the time, 30Hz was common and one manufacturer, Innolux, offered some of their displays as 1080p120 input as well as 4k30. Skipping ahead to the end of 2015, I found myself in a unique situation. Living in China for two years with no obligations, negligible expenses, I began to offer the first 1080p240Hz displays on the market in early 2016. With 4k becoming popular and a year of time left, I set out to also be the first to offer 4k120Hz.

For a bit of background information, a typical display looks something like the system shown in figure 1.

[Story continued: ...]
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