Introduction to Area 51 Forum - and Special Area 51 Forum Rules

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Introduction to Area 51 Forum - and Special Area 51 Forum Rules

Post by Chief Blur Buster » 23 Nov 2021, 15:32

Hello all,

Welcome to the Blur Busters secret sauce, Area 51!
This is an area that talks about display science, research and engineering in a much more in-depth manner, but using a forum structure.

Area 51 On Blur Busters Website
There's also a website section too. Please study this web section before posting questions in this forum.

Rule: Study First Before Posting Questions
In addition to the "Be Nice" rule, think more than usual before posting in Area 51. Most questions belong elsewhere in General, except for the most advanced display-technology topics. Answers to questions in this forum will be usually of a very highly technical nature. Try to do as much homework as possible before posting questions, and try to post only 1 question at a time, while waiting for a reply from Chief Blur Buster -- he spends lots of time answering these questions in detail.

Need Faster Display Service?
Alternatively, for VIP service (businesses requiring faster answers to questions), check out and contact me there;

Thank you!
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