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Re: Software BFI Double Image Effect! (Emulation of CRT 30fps @ 60Hz)

Posted: 22 Nov 2021, 03:55
by mynm
As I can guess or speculate what I want. I have done your ufo test whit four colors, and you can see that at the center of the 30 and 15 fps line, you can see colors of the right ufo. This is the video.

What I thing is happenig is that you need two light emitters (horizintally) at the left and two at the right at a certain distance and a speed Edited: not certain speed, light speed. Edited: As you can't move a light emitter at the speed of light you have to turn on and turn off light emitters at a certain distance to get a continuity. Like frames are doing. To see the wave of light. Is like the waves are doing a screen between them as the light can only be seen if its reflected. Edited: The fist and the third frane are the screen, and the scond and fourth what you see as them have more intensity. So you can see the second frame and maybe the third behind the second and the fourth so you see a mix. And maybe the frame you see is the last with the other three behind, as minimum, with less intensity.
And you need an enough distance between frames as the intensity of the waves is mixed and if its to low the waves can't be seen. So that you need 12fps to se the movement and with less you only see the frames jumping between distances. So the light as a wave maybe is what is doing the "illusion of movement" and is the what you call blur.

So that if you see the ufos patern between the four ufos of the 30 and 15 fps line, and you use the wave function and it can explain the patern, is that it is the light as a wave. As I don't know about physics I can't calculate it to confirm this.

And I am not saing is like that, but it seems for me and an expert could confirm it.

Re: Discussion about Display Motion Physics (BFI, Color Mixing, Video Issues, Etc)

Posted: 23 Nov 2021, 16:57
by Chief Blur Buster
Chief Blur Buster wrote:
21 Nov 2021, 15:03
It's important not to guess/speculate
It is good to ask questions.
But you miss the point.
You misunderstand me.
It's more about etiquette.
mynm wrote:
21 Nov 2021, 16:31
I can guess or speculate what I want if I say that I am not an expert on that topic and I am not saying that is like that.
Think of the purpose of a school classrooms.
One student asking the teacher questions for 30 minutes means the teacher can't teach other students for 30 minutes from the existing course plan. The class is interrupted because of an endless stream of questions from one student.

Even though I type more than 100 words per minute, it` takes a lot of time for me to write these posts, and I've sent more than 4 hours answering your questions. I enjoy answering -- but I have to ask you to govern your number of questions out of etiquette and respect. TestUFO has tens of million views annually and I have to teach everybody the best I can, with the most simplified terminology possible, sometimes in a more Popular Science way, that overcomes language barriers.

Think of the purpose of homework.
Doing more homework means you can ask the teacher fewer questions. You learn more which means you understand more. Read more & understand more.

Excessive amount of guessing and speculating in a classroom only annoys the teacher.
You have to do more homework first.
It's rude to steal too much time from a teacher in a classroom;

This forum "Display Science, Research & Engineering" is not Twitter.
This forum "Display Science, Research & Engineering" is not Facebook.
This forum "Display Science, Research & Engineering" is not a hobby forum.
This forum "Display Science, Research & Engineering" is a more VIP forum.
We are a different system here, I've clarified by highlighting existing rules for Area 51.
I want to inform you that this thread is temporarily locked I have time to answer the next question that you posted earlier;
I will try to answer your next question in a few days.

You have great questions. But for the Area 51 Discussion Forum (VIP), please throttle and slow down your questions;
If you have everyday display questions, please post them in General where other people can answer you. Like questions about a monitor issue, or other. However, Area 51 Forum is more of a VIP forum with stricter classroom rules.

I invite you to take the time (of this locked thread) to study more homework before asking your next question. Fewer questions because you've done more homework (to answer other easier-to-answer questions). You must treat Area 51 like a classroom & respect the teacher's time. Area 51 -- the metaphorical cathedral of Blur Busters -- is treated differently from the other topic areas.

If you want to speculate more, please build scientific experiments and study how to use a pursuit camera (not just a stationary camera, and not just screen capture). Being a responsible student and researcher requires more burden of evidence. Although we currently aren't creating a scientific paper out of this thread, it's far beyond a discourse you'd see on Twitter/Facebook, so there are rules here. That is the price of everyday admission to this "Aera 51" forum.

I am crossposting the rule already published, with the question rate highlighted. This is also a forum-wide rule but required of Area 51.

By registering for this forum, you already agreed to abide to forum rules. Speculating leads to excessive questions that exceeds forum rules on question rate.

Sure, there are situations where one can prove me wrong -- I'm not infallible (but I am rarely). To prove the teacher wrong, you need to do more than 10x the number of hours. For example, to rebuttal a 4-hour Chief Blur Buster post, you need to do 40 hours of a scientific experiment and tabulate your results, to prove your point. You have to also use 3 or 4 concurrent techniques including a pursuit camera, a blind test, and other scientific methodology. Do not speculate unnecessarily unless you are prepared to invest the extra hours in homework in this classroom.

Although this is a pretty surgical enforcement, your statement of "I can speculate all I want" earned you a temporary thread lock. Like a teacher asking you to leave the classroom temporarily because you asked too many questions.
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