BenQ UNIVERSAL 144Hz->220Hz OVERCLOCK for 1080p 144 Hz

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Re: BenQ UNIVERSAL 144Hz->220Hz OVERCLOCK for 1080p 144 Hz

Post by Chief Blur Buster » 02 Dec 2019, 10:36

zn1p wrote:
30 Nov 2019, 03:51
Tried the settings in nvidia cp on Xl2430. At 200hz I think I can see some kind of horizontal scanlines (the image is less solid, so to say, than at 144hz) and some shimmering. And at 210 and 220 the right side of monitor looks messed up (attached a photo), text becomes hard to read.
That's probably an overclock glitch. Monitor processing progressively becomes more buggy the faster you try to go.
Your sweet spot is probably 200 Hz or slightly less at 180 Hz.

The scanlines effect (alternating pixel rows slightly brighter) is normal for overclocked monitors, even if it affects only one corner of the panel.
art1sta wrote:
01 Dec 2019, 14:03
Works for me at 240hz with XL2420z monitor!! with one screen,ATI GPU and CRU(ToastyX) with the S-Switch trick!!! :D

But i have a lot of artifacts... maybe is for my configuration?
Back down by 10 Hz increments till everything works.

While it's nice to make a 240 Hz out of a 144 Hz monitor, it's rare to get glitch-free 240 Hz. 200-220 Hz is more common.
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