BenQ UNIVERSAL 144Hz->220Hz OVERCLOCK for 1080p 144 Hz

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Re: BenQ UNIVERSAL 144Hz->220Hz OVERCLOCK for 1080p 144 Hz

Post by Klemern » 16 Nov 2021, 10:37

So, i think that i know the problem of 2411p
My close friend bought used 2411p with v002 firmware and he overclocked it literally by the one click
But i have an 2411p with v009 firmware and nothing works
Can someone check that?

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Re: BenQ UNIVERSAL 144Hz->220Hz OVERCLOCK for 1080p 144 Hz

Post by CubanLegend » 18 Nov 2021, 18:54

it may be a firmware thing where the later firmware patched it, or it could be tied to your manufacturing date of the monitor?

you could try patching the firmware back to v002? idk if that would work

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Re: BenQ UNIVERSAL 144Hz->220Hz OVERCLOCK for 1080p 144 Hz

Post by fazeobama » 23 Nov 2021, 23:09

nnnn20 wrote:
04 Sep 2021, 23:57
VigorouZz wrote:
04 Sep 2021, 01:46
Any body having xl2411p oced to 200hz??? Am having issue
Turn off instant mode and see if it goes above 150hz. I had the same issue on my older benq, exactly at 150 as well, might be for the same reason. Alternatively what also works is using a lower horizontal (below 1400 total) total and then going directly over 200hz and skipping anything between 150-200 (yeah really). No guarantees it is the same issue but worth a try.

I managed to break my own record, 281-283hz (283hz on OSD). The screen looks very washed up but it works and plays fine :D

Hello my friend, I own the same model monitor as you and have been overclocking the refresh rate to exceed 144hz for roughly a year and a half now. However, I have never managed to break past 211hz on my xl2411p. I'm curious, how in the world did you manage to achieve such a high refresh rate on this 144hz monitor?!? :o :D

If you don't mind, could you please share a screen grab of what particular settings you used in order to reach 283hz? I would very much so highly appreciate it.


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