Is there an AOC overclock hack?

Talk about overclocking displays at a higher refresh rate. This includes homebrew, 165Hz, QNIX, Catleap, Overlord Tempest, SEIKI displays, certain HDTVs, and other overclockable displays.
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Is there an AOC overclock hack?

Post by Crazyness » 18 Jun 2022, 05:19

is there anything that can be implemented on AOC brand?

Having 23,8" 1440p TN with 123PPI..

144hz max..

different model same pannel 165hz 1440p..

makes me sad that i didnt make it work past matter what i did..

and having these characteristics in a pannel,
makes me firm believer,
that will go beyond 240hz on 1080p..

is there any solution?


i can try softmccs,but honestly i dont know the procedure..

DCI is ON in monitors OSD,and then what?
how can I activate soft when i am on NVCP and i am trying 2 overclock,
and screen goes black?

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Re: Is there an AOC overclock hack?

Post by Chief Blur Buster » 18 Jun 2022, 20:46

Study the BenQ Universal overclocking thread for all the necessary tips on trial-and-errors attempted, the progression from an external assist (S-Switch) followed by the discovery that softmccs could do something similar (sending a DDC command that causes an overclock to succeed).

The LG overclock thread is based on the old BenQ tricks, so you should go back to the granddaddy thread and learn from it, when attempting to attempt to overclock a new panel via "Out-of-Range" defeat hacks.

This is the most famous "Out of Range" defeat hack.

The TL;DR of what you need to do is essentially:
(A) Make sure it's as unlocked as possible (e.g. generic panels are more likely to work)
(B) Temporarily disable any features that might prevent overclocking (e.g. disable blur reduction, disable VRR, disable fancy color processing, disable HDR, enable instant mode).
(C) Then iterate your way to finding the appropriate hack to defeat any out-of-range guards in the monitor's firmware (e.g. manipulating the output of DDC commands in softmccs).

Randomly changing values in softmccs (while using a 2nd monitor) until a blanked-out monitor unblanks itself, is one technique but that's not something that can easily be done if you only have 1 monitor. Slightly overclock a monitor till it displays an "OUT OF RANGE" message (not a blank screen), then use softmccs.exe to attempt and try to dismiss the OUT OF RANGE message. That's how it was done on the BenQ and LG. Study carefully how to reset a monitor back to factory defaults, because screwing around softmccs.exe is like adjusting settings at random in the monitor menus (plus more), corrupting your picture settings. So this is not a risk-free endeavour. So learn to factory-reset your monitor if you endeavour on overclocking "hacking" attempts.

*IMPORTANT: We disclaim all responsibility for damage to your monitor (e.g. bricking your monitor's firmware by accident). This is unlikely via monitor menus or DDC commands, but need to cover bases here...

For improved overclocking likelihoods on some models, you should study the signal structure -- get very familiar with the signal geometry, as a serialized delivery of 2D imagery over a 1D cable:


Understanding these (via other threads) will help you understand how to overclock better, including the art of
- Increasing blanking sizes when necessary (more time for processing)
- Decreasing blanking sizes when necessary (transfer blanking headroom to refresh rate headroom).

Some panels/scalers just cannot be overclocked, while for others it's easier.

This is a very rough Cole Notes post, so the detailed information is found in other threads.

Overclocking a panel that has not yet been successfully overclocked yet, is almost tantamount to becoming a DIY hacker to try and discover weaknesses in a monitor firmware that prevents it from being overclocking, and then unlocking the overclock via one of many means (such as an "Out of Range" dismiss hack).

Many manufacturers make it hard for you to overclock a panel -- sometimes intentionally (e.g. firmware safeguards) or unintentionally (e.g. scaler/tcon has a limitation that defines a hard limit on "official" overclocking).

If the overclock safeties are either missing in the first place (e.g. laptop LCD) or completely removed via a tweak or hack (e.g. Out-Of-Range dismiss trick), large overclock margins of between ~50% to 200%+ can theoretically become unofficially available (e.g. 60Hz laptop LCD overclocked to 180Hz), albiet usually with large image quality degradation such as massive loss of contrast ratio and very bright blacks.

For many panels this is impossible due to unremovable limitations but for other panels (especially horizontal scanrate multisync panels where they sync to cable scanrate), large overclocks margins such as 144Hz panels overclockable to 200-250Hz is not too difficult -- witnessing BenQ 1080p 144Hz panels showing fairly good overclockability.
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Re: Is there an AOC overclock hack?

Post by Crazyness » 19 Jun 2022, 11:52

Tnx chief 4 making my msg into separate thread.

as you can c..
i can not use soft..
btw i already tried messing around with it in the past,
completely forgot about it..

untill i relaunched it and realizing that everything is almost locked..

language is open= letters are more black and display is closed as you can notice by different color it appears more white.

so can not use soft,i need 2 try something different..

also i dont have any pop up out of lock msg ever..
literally never ever pops up..

its either resolution is accepted or black screen.

i completely forgot that i enabled in service menu ForceLogoOFF=ON
and that was the cause of not having pop up msg.

after reverting back that feature into original state =OFF
pop up appears and CAN be disabled via clicking on language in Soft..
(maybe this can be some sort of shortcut on other brands)

( example:
on those LGs that can be overclocked,
maybe if you have this option in service menu,
you can bypass using Soft entirely. )

black screen still remains bcs display option in Soft is closed.

so we menaged some progress,50% is working ..
now we need 2 find replacement for display option being closed in Soft.

i somehow menaged to lock unnsupported resolution into hdmi port..
when exiting Soft i confirmed changes...
folowing Soft tutorial...even thou i already confirmed its not working bcs second step Display is locked.
i just did it without paying atention..
DisplayPort working and booting up..hdmi locked..

He who doesnt have it in his brain,certainly have it in his legs..
so we gonna walk a little bit further,but certainly we will get there.

solution=DDU= it will erase custom resolution..and voila we are good 2 go.
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