Can't Create Custom Res w/ AMD Software (G.Pixel default is out of bounds?)

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Can't Create Custom Res w/ AMD Software (G.Pixel default is out of bounds?)

Post by Djinn » 20 Jul 2022, 11:16


After some googling I have found I'm not the only one with this issue, but I haven't seen it resolved anywhere unfortunately. I've just discovered this forum, but you guys seem pretty darn smart, so here's hoping.

My goal is to create two custom resolutions with AMD Adrenalin software. One for desktop (1920x1080) @ 390hz, and one for gaming (4:3 1440x1080) @ 390hz. I want the gaming one to be automatically loaded based on app (AMD in theory offers this). This was very easy to set up with nvidia. I recently bought an 6650 XT and am forced to use AMD's software. Here is my problem:


When I click "Create New" under custom resolutions, my G.Pixel Clock seems to be defaulted to an invalid number. I have no idea what to make this number for it to work and be optimal based on the refresh rate / resolution I want. Also, if I change refresh rate to anything, I get another red ! signally an issue. If I click the drop down for "Manual", and try to change it to CVT, GFT, or DMT, the value will change, but it is still out of bounds.

Is there any solution to this?

Thank you!

6650 XT
Acer Aopen 25XV2Q (360 + 30 hz)
Displayport 1.4

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Re: Can't Create Custom Res w/ AMD Software (G.Pixel default is out of bounds?)

Post by Chief Blur Buster » 28 Jul 2022, 22:37

I think there's some issue with the custom resolution tool having some kind of a pixel clock cap.

This bug needs to be reported to AMD.

Meanwhile, ToastyX CRU can solve your problem --
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