Help!? Trying to overclock a Sceptre C24 (75Hz) Monitor?

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Help!? Trying to overclock a Sceptre C24 (75Hz) Monitor?

Post by t1ck1e » 27 Feb 2022, 14:56

Greetings guys,

I recently bought a new monitor, and I'm trying to overclock it. The model is a Sceptre C248W-1920RN, and it's refresh rate from the factory is 75hz. I KNOW now that I should have grabbed a 144hz for the same price, but it was curved, claimed better contrast, has adaptive sync, and I just assumed I could easily overclock it to 90-100hz (I'd be totally happy with this outcome) since I've already boosted 2 monitors (well, one monitor and one LCD TV) from 60hz to 80.

Except when I TRY to overclock this one, it keeps telling me the maximum limit is 76hz; it gives me an error message saying "refresh rate not supported" when I bump it up to 77hz, and anything over 80 just gives me a black screen for 20 seconds until it reverts to the previous setting automatically.

THIS IS BRANDED AND LABELED AND SOLD AS A GAMING MONITOR WITH ADAPTIVE SYNC, SAID IT HAD DISPLAYPORT ON THE WEBSITE but when I unboxed it all it has is a standard HDMI 1.4 port, and its only letting me overclock by 1 Hz?!?!? I don't accept this at all, I'm very new to overclocking monitors, but everything I did (successfully) to my other ones, this one just will not respond.

Do you guys know any programs/apps/techniques to overclock this piece of crap? I swear to God I'm boycotting Sceptre forever, the build quality is terrible and they straight up scammed me, but I'm really poor and I can't afford something better.

Any ideas? Please?


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Re: Help!? Trying to overclock a Sceptre C24 (75Hz) Monitor?

Post by bbblolbbblol » 08 Dec 2023, 01:03

ive been having this same issue aswell. My CPU isnt terrible either so im not quite sure why mine wont overclock.

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