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Just hit 340Hz!

Talk about overclocking displays at a higher refresh rate. This includes homebrew, 165Hz, QNIX, Catleap, Overlord Tempest, SEIKI displays, certain HDTVs, and other overclockable displays.

Re: Just hit 340Hz!

Postby Glide » 07 Jul 2016, 06:52

maestconx wrote:Can I ask what program did You use to set the refresh rate? Thing You are posting seems to be physically impossible due to horizontal refresh rate limitations, which is really mediocre on Your monitor (125khz), and 640x480 340hz would require something like 200khz in real world...
This is almost certainly an interlaced output.
rabidz7 has a habit of posting interlaced resolutions without understanding what that means.
Whatever vertical resolution he is claiming, halve it.
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