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Can the Panasonic ST60 display at 120hz?

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Can the Panasonic ST60 display at 120hz?

Postby Imaginos » 02 Apr 2016, 17:02

What's up everybody. Recently, I've been trying to get my 55 inch ST60 to run in 120hz since I'm now using it primarily as a gaming monitor for my PC. Unfortunately, I've run into a number of issues in how to achieve this (assuming it's possible, of course). I tried forcing it to display in 120hz by using custom resolution utilities such as ToastyX's tool and the one found in the NVIDIA control panel. Once I make the adjustments, however, all I get is a black screen. Although, ToastyX is a bit more complicated than just that. I'll explain about that further down below. I have zero experience with 120hz, and am eager to see how it would improve my gaming experience. As an aside, I've seen that 120hz has a much higher success rate at lower resolutions, but I'm not prepared to sacrifice 1080p for hertz. Just thought I'd make that clear in case that's the only way this can be done. Any help at all is much appreciated. I'll provide further info below.

My display adapter is an EVGA GTX 970 OC'd connected to a Denon 1713 AVR via a "RedMere" HDMI cable. The television itself is also connected to the receiver with a "RedMere" HDMI cable. I also tried establishing a direct connection to the television from my computer, so I could remove the receiver from the equation. Unfortunately, the result is the same. If I try to push the TV from 60hz in the NVIDIA control panel all I get is a black screen.

ToastyX is a mystery, however, in the sense that I can in fact make the adjustments to 120hz and it will surprisingly read as active. This is true with both a direct connection, or one through the receiver. To be sure, I tried confirming my refresh rate with the online tool found on this very site. According to it and NVIDIA I'm still running 60hz, even though ToastyX says I'm not. What's the deal with that??

In addition, I've also been following the overclocking guide found here on this website. The only methods detailed therein that are left to me now are using EVGA's pixel OC, PowerStrip & and the manual EDID override. Before I go ahead and give those remaining options a whirl, I'd just like to get some feedback from some of you guys out there about my situation. Hope to hear from y'all soon.

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