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Philips V226v4 OC need help!

PostPosted: 21 Apr 2019, 13:10
by ddFen
Hello people. I'm stuck with this monitor for a week or two. First i overclocked it to 76 hz and my eye stopped to bleed out. After patching a clocks i got 82 but image became kinda blury but this not a case. What i'm actualy can do to push futher 82hz? I mean mb resolution down or smthg else? of course i'm using dvi-d dual link cable.

Re: Philips V226v4 OC need help!

PostPosted: 25 Apr 2019, 18:10
by RealNC
It looks like you reached the limit on this monitor. Most 60Hz monitors usually only go up to about 77Hz or so. After that, they either produce a blurry image or just refuse to show an image at all.

If you used the pixel clock patcher for your GPU driver and tried "reduced timings" in ToastyX CRU and you still can't go to a higher Hz, then there's nothing you can do. Lowering the resolution doesn't help. You can try, but I never seen it working.