BenQ XL2720Z overclocked to 220Hz and 250Hz [SUCCESS!]

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Re: BenQ XL2720Z overclocked to 220Hz and 250Hz [SUCCESS!]

Post by VDR_Reaper » 01 Aug 2019, 04:34

Workaround for "Out of Range" confirmed working on a BenQ XL2420Z Monitor (V3 software I believe), on a Dual-Link DVI Cable. Tested for frame skipping and micro-stutter and all tests passed successfully and consistently.

Nvidia Control Settings:
- Horizontal pixels: 1024
- Vertical lines: 768
- Refresh rate: 200Hz
- Color depth: 32
- Scan type: Progressive
- (Timing) Standard: Automatic

(If you want to know the automatically set values)

Active pixels: (Horizontal) 1920 (Vertical) 1080
Front porch: (Horizontal) 24 (Vertical) 3
Sync width: (Horizontal) 32 (Vertical) 5
Total pixels: (Horizontal) 2056 (Vertical) 1098
Polarity: (Horizontal) Positive (Vertical) Positive
Refresh rate: 219.60Khz
Pixel clock: 451.4976Mhz

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Re: BenQ XL2720Z overclocked to 220Hz and 250Hz [SUCCESS!]

Post by invict » 14 Dec 2019, 16:45

Hello fellow overclockers

I have followed the guide and read all the replies, and also bought a DP cable and(altough it is a 4k@60fps)
I am having problems getting above 180 HZ on my XL2720Z.

Anything above 180 hz, i do the S Switch trick and it goes to a deep gray, almost black.

Here are my settings:


here are the service parameters:

Strobe duty 020
Strobe Phase 100
Single Strobe OFF

Not sure what to do, Was thinking in buying a HBR3 cable, but maybe the problem is somewhere else.

To note @ 165hz i get 8 bpc anything above i get 6 bpc.

Any help would be apreciated

Thank you

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Re: BenQ XL2720Z overclocked to 220Hz and 250Hz [SUCCESS!]

Post by andrelip » 16 Dec 2019, 15:54


Any chance your SoftMCCS hack works on monitors without the s-switch? Do the first gen 240hz monitors have enough room to overclock in the current Panel and HDMI/DP implementation?

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Re: BenQ XL2720Z overclocked to 220Hz and 250Hz [SUCCESS!]

Post by Djingibi » 20 Jan 2020, 13:53

I just did it on XL2411Z Hz are 220 Active! only by the moving to the mouse, I can fell Benefit t was the first thing I immediately noticed something like more easily

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Re: BenQ XL2720Z overclocked to 220Hz and 250Hz [SUCCESS!]

Post by hleV » 21 Jan 2020, 08:26

(Ignore, wrong thread. Post in correct thread.)
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Re: BenQ XL2720Z overclocked to 220Hz and 250Hz [SUCCESS!]

Post by Djingibi » 21 Jan 2020, 18:39

I have success stable 280Hz on XL2411Z, one trick I used, from the first it, was difficult since I did not hat any Controllers what's over
and I told my self what resolutions do this guys changing when the
Out of range pops up shows up.. Cuz I've tried it so much dude I can't go to the
menu it only shows to me to chose between connections HDMI, etc I started to think do they mean some time of error message do they
messing around do they change from HDMI to DVI and there is some kind of timing involved well pretty fast I left this behind then I
came up with this I Downloaded Display Pilot this is essentially who don't know its a tool which has some capabilities like the settings using
the buttons on the panel, only this way you do it through a
the program, but the good thing you may also do with it that you can
choose for Example when a current window is shown currently in my case notepad this program to change the Mode the one I choose and when I open the chrome only by ALT +TAB Then immediately this program calls the mode I set it up after that make one setup for Nvidia Control panel in the Display port to a different mode after that is easy close everything only leave the program for the one mode and the Nvidia control panel before starting to check for a custom
resolution this way is easy then go to customizing resolutions do what says for the settings in customizing I can tell you how to trick the error message you can see it here viewtopic.php?f=8&t=5336 the other guy who found this hack go and just go to open it but hold left button and stay at the button then remove the mouse from the button while still holding the left button after that start the process very fast (only the first time to be fast the first cycle) when you hit it the second time almost right away after the first and you know that Nvidia window has opened and see when the moment you release TAB the same time hit the enter too then keep up ALT + TAB with 5 seconds cycles each to be 0.2 seconds before the previous use second mod for the Nvidia Panel do it so when you finish being in Nvidia Panel so you can hit yes confirmation in after Activate this resolution after success with the scan you will notice the Out of Range still is there but everything works, them do
restart see that you can enter your password without the need of actually see because it will be OUT OUF RANGE the second time where we need to trick this message it will be the last :D because it will be unstable after an hour or two without restart
just wait a bit for your PC to require for a password type enter then wait 2,5 min Display Pilot should start on its own if not call it with window key +S wait another 2 minutes to be sure has load up open the first program you have there already set it up then open the second program and go for the alt-tab the second time it will go fine without any error message but the desktop will never fire up any program will fire up in the mode window key + W where you can make a new window any started program using window key +S ends up there I DON'T WHY this could happen anyway when do this occur Right mouse on taskbar unlock it then catch the one side of the taskbar and bull up immediately will fix things up ready to play ;p
and freaking awsome in csgo :d
restart see that Display Pilot it's On auto boot up
I use 280 because I will change this one soon but No problems and it works like
charm you can go 180 if you want but 280 is safe to trust me!

Sorry for a bad English

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Re: BenQ XL2720Z overclocked to 220Hz and 250Hz [SUCCESS!]

Post by Chief Blur Buster » 21 Jan 2020, 19:59

hleV wrote:
21 Jan 2020, 08:26
In case anyone needs it, here's a slightly updated OOR Buster (V1.4). Been using it for over a week now and it seems to work well. I couldn't be bothered to upload the whole Visual Studio project to GitHub (I'm updating and compiling the code on work PC) but here's the binary:
Thank you for the public service of an opensourced utility for this!

Djingibi wrote:
21 Jan 2020, 18:39
I have success stable 280Hz on XL2411Z
Fantastic! That's a massive overclock of almost 100% over spec.

Can you take a photograph of at 280Hz?

Some display "overclock-of-lore" precedents exist, including that 60Hz->180Hz overclocked laptop screen, and the Zisworks 4K120 custom-overclocked 4x to 480Hz. If you can post a photo of TestUFO Frameskipping to authenticate your overclock, yours is the biggest overclock margin I've ever seen for an off-the-shelf 144 HZ gaming monitor!
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Re: BenQ XL2720Z overclocked to 220Hz and 250Hz [SUCCESS!]

Post by loopy750 » 03 Feb 2020, 09:08

Wow 280Hz, very nice. I'm a little confused reading that.. sounds like there's a little more to it than simply setting a preset. Also I wonder if it would work for XL2720Z. I do have my XL2720Z pushed to the (known) limit of 250Hz which I have been using for a while (after deciding to push more than 220Hz). When limiting the game engine FPS from 144 to 250 FPS, there is a noticeable difference, so it's a nice step up. The image quality and colour is definitely not something I'd recommend for desktop use, only for FPS games:

250Hz.png (29.16 KiB) Viewed 1055 times

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