BenQ XL2720Z overclocked to 220Hz and 250Hz [SUCCESS!]

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Re: BenQ XL2720Z overclocked to 220Hz and 250Hz [SUCCESS!]

Post by VDR_Reaper » 01 Aug 2019, 04:34

Workaround for "Out of Range" confirmed working on a BenQ XL2420Z Monitor (V3 software I believe), on a Dual-Link DVI Cable. Tested for frame skipping and micro-stutter and all tests passed successfully and consistently.

Nvidia Control Settings:
- Horizontal pixels: 1024
- Vertical lines: 768
- Refresh rate: 200Hz
- Color depth: 32
- Scan type: Progressive
- (Timing) Standard: Automatic

(If you want to know the automatically set values)

Active pixels: (Horizontal) 1920 (Vertical) 1080
Front porch: (Horizontal) 24 (Vertical) 3
Sync width: (Horizontal) 32 (Vertical) 5
Total pixels: (Horizontal) 2056 (Vertical) 1098
Polarity: (Horizontal) Positive (Vertical) Positive
Refresh rate: 219.60Khz
Pixel clock: 451.4976Mhz

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