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Converting a 4K HDMI 1.4 TV to DisplayPort for overclocking

Talk about overclocking displays at a higher refresh rate. This includes homebrew, 165Hz, QNIX, Catleap, Overlord Tempest, SEIKI displays, certain HDTVs, and other overclockable displays.

Converting a 4K HDMI 1.4 TV to DisplayPort for overclocking

Postby losiledlighting » 11 Jun 2019, 21:19

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Re: Converting a 4K HDMI 1.4 TV to DisplayPort for overclock

Postby Chief Blur Buster » 12 Jun 2019, 16:00

Yes it is possible, with certain models of TVs -- to replace it board for extreme refresh rate overclocking.

One can also install a Zisworks board into these TVs to push these screens to their panel limitations with no frameskipping, including 720p 360Hz as well as 540p 480Hz on the same SEIKI panel.

If you have a SE39UY04, the cost is $525 to mod it. Shop on Zisworks.

If your model is different, email him and see if there's an upgrade product for your Seiki.

(June 2019 prices)
X28 Rev2 Kit for 28" panel $495
X28 Rev2 Kit for Samsung U28H750 $505
X39 Rev2 Kit for 39" Seiki SE39UY04 $525
X39 Rev2 Kit for other panel $490

This will give you ultralow-lag 360Hz 720p as well as 480Hz 540p, in addition to 4K 120Hz mode and 1080p 240Hz.

Be warned, you will lose your HDMI ports -- these boards only have DisplayPort.

I have one of the Zisworks products, we are the world's first website to test 480Hz!

Note: Blur Busters does not earn revenues from Zisworks sales. However, I applaud his refresh rate audacity in the refresh rate race. Mainstream manufacturers will need to eventually follow suit once panel technologies catch up.
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