LGD046E 75hz->105hz

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LGD046E 75hz->105hz

Post by Vechs » 08 Jul 2019, 08:23

Hello, another laptop, another OC, but it seems that the color accuracy is far worse when oc'd, it shows up as 6bit color depth, not 8 bit color depth, no frameskipping or whatsoever. Gotta ask, is there an fix for that color depth issue or that is not fixable?
Laptop : HP Omen 17-w101ng
Panel name : LGD046E
Original panel refreshrate : 75 hz
New panel refreshrate : 105 hz

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Re: LGD046E 75hz->105hz

Post by Chief Blur Buster » 16 Aug 2019, 17:44

Thanks for this overclock report!

One workaround for the color depth is GPU-based temporal dithering, but that is a feature that may not be enabled on a laptop GPU. Basically GPU FRC replacing monitor FRC.

You may be SOL with 6bit though, so it will be your judgement call whether your nearly-50% overclock benefit outweighs the color loss. Probably not for static content, but possibly for fast-action content if your laptop GPU is powerful enough for high framerates in some games such as CS:GO.
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