BenQ UNIVERSAL 144Hz->220Hz OVERCLOCK for 1080p 144 Hz

Talk about overclocking displays at a higher refresh rate. This includes homebrew, 165Hz, QNIX, Catleap, Overlord Tempest, SEIKI displays, certain HDTVs, and other overclockable displays.
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Re: BenQ UNIVERSAL 144Hz->220Hz OVERCLOCK for 1080p 144 Hz

Post by hleV » 18 Nov 2020, 03:43

sauceman69 wrote:
17 Nov 2020, 18:40
I overclocked my benq XL411P without using any of the programs like oorfixer/buster.

So after struggling with most of the methods, nothing worked for me.
But then i tried changing the launch options on steam, to see if my monitor would go out of range if i changed the refresh rate as a launch option on CS:GO, and I tested it with small overclocks, then I tried 165 hz, worked fine no out of range or anything, then i tried 170 hz, worked just fine. But then I tried 240 hz and it works just fine too, full colour no overshoot or ghosting or any problems whatsoever.

But since i play the game on a low resolution, that might be why i have no problems getting it to 240 hz flawlessly.

I cant overclock my desktop, but the refreshrate only matters to me ingame anyways.

here are my launch options, see for yourself if it works for you too.

-refresh 240 -high -fullscreen -w 1024 -h 768
-refresh launch param won't have any effect if the refresh rate isn't available/manually created in Windows. You can use the command mat_info in console to see at what refresh rate you're playing.
BenQ XL2411Z

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Re: BenQ UNIVERSAL 144Hz->220Hz OVERCLOCK for 1080p 144 Hz

Post by voidzito » 20 Nov 2020, 20:14


So humm. as i was looking for a 240hz monitor i stumbled upon this thread.
I have a xl2411z for years and didnt know this was possible.

I have tested as follows:
Installed the ToastyX Pixel Patcher (NVIDIA Pixel Clock Patcher, first google link when searching)
Downloaded OorBuster and run it as i dont have a 2 screen.
In NVCP created 2 customs red (1920*1080 @200hz and 1280*960 @200hz)

Now here comes troubles:
Even with pixel patcher cant go up than 200hz even for a single hz.
I only play cs and it's the only reason i want more hz, not for regular desktop usage.
1920*1080 @200hz works ok. i can see some weird white lines horizontaly.
1280*960 @200hz. runs but super bad with white lines and blurriness all over the place.


Should i change something ?

Perfect for me would be 1280*960 @200hz or higher. which is res that cs uses (launch option to force it with refresh rate aswell so it doesnt pick regular 144hz one instead, that works ok).

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Re: BenQ UNIVERSAL 144Hz->220Hz OVERCLOCK for 1080p 144 Hz

Post by voidzito » 20 Nov 2020, 21:04

Tried to overclock my xl2411z.

On DVI, can achiev 200hz on 1920*1080 and 1280*960.

My interest in getting 1280*960 on highest rate i could. for now it's 200 but i get some tiny white horizontal lines all across the screen.
Not really dealbreaking but kinda annoying.

Cant get to make ToastyX Pixel Patcher (nvidia) to work, i install reboot and all ok. next reboot or coldstart and nvidia drivers wont load and im stuck on generic drive and 60hz.

Also if i create custom res on NVCP, 1920*1080 all good but the 1280*960 it's all messes up. On CRU works as i stated before.

Any help on pixel patcher making this happen, and how to get rid of the while lines ?

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Re: BenQ UNIVERSAL 144Hz->220Hz OVERCLOCK for 1080p 144 Hz

Post by ZEFIR001 » Yesterday, 20:15

This is not overclicking. Its just "toys" it didnt work.
Im sucessfuly oc'ed my xl2411z with no issues. Get 210hz on DVI. Also noticed white pixel lines evere 3 pixels on my monitor.
Yeah its works,its 210hz but it works only on desktop,it did not work on games,because when you enter fullscreen game it gets ruined...
Allright,im used this small .exe programm made by someone which auto apply OC when resolution is changed,now i can enter game without Out of Range msg. BUT where is sense of it? Games still runs in 144hz fullscreen. 210hz posible only in borderless mode. No sense playing borderless,lower perfomance and more input lag. The game just did not see custom profile with 1920x1080 210hz but see 1786x978 144hz.
IDK WHY. Maybe im doing something wrong? Help will be appreciated. Because i see no sense of overclocking rn untill someone just release flash file or custom benq driver which completely unlock 200hz or 210hz refresh rates idk.

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